Attention Innovative Christians Called to:

Write Books, Create Courses, Minister Deliverance, Podcast, Start Businesses, Invent, Develop Websites & Code

  Are you looking for a home to develop your gifts, and step into your calling?


 Our international co-working Christian community prays in the courts of heaven together, and helps each other connect what God is saying to our day-to-day work.


Lisa R. Gray is a Consultant with Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Lisa R. Gray, USA
Michael Dean Thomas is a Consultant at Discover Up International Co-Working Christian Community
Michael Dean Thomas, Europe
Keri Pickens Hamrick is a Consultant with Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Keri Pickens Hamrick, USA
Michael Vaughn y is a Consultant with Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Michael Vaughn, USA
Crystal Clear is a Consultant with the Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Crystal Clear, USA

Our Mission

Innovate through an international community of builders, working together according to heaven’s order.

Join Our Community if You're Interested In:

* Creating Products & Services

* Building Real Relationships

* Working Together as the Body of Christ


Susan Spencer is a Consultant at Discover Up
Susan Spencer, Australia/ New Zealand
Ox Levi is a Consultant with Discover Up Christian Co-Working Community
Ox Levi Dunbar, USA
Grace Hwang Kaye is a consultant with Discover Up Christian Co-Working Community
Grace Hwang Kaye Canada

Why the Discover Up Community?

Many of the people in our community operate in the prophetic gifts, as seers, or from the heavenly realms.

If this describes you, then you’ll know that:


1. You struggle to fit into traditional Christian communities. Prophetic/ seer gifts are part of who you are. You can’t just turn them off. Christians in traditional communities struggle to understand your gifting.


2. You struggle to find places in which you are free to operate in your gifts, work with others and build meaningful products and services.

In our community we are building a safe place for seers, those operating in the prophetic, and those interested in stepping into heaven – to connect God’s living word to their work.




Some of the Products Made by Our Group

An Intimate Journey: In Union With Christ to Sonship 

by Dr Grace Hwang Kaye


This book is written to encourage those who love God, whose desire is to know Him more and to have breakthroughs in their lives.

They Don’t Tell: Child Abuse: A Mother’s Perspective

by Lisa R. Gray


“Mom, if I had something to tell you. Would you be a mom or would you be a friend?” Those were the words that would be forever etched into Lisa’s mind the night her daughter finally disclosed what her stepfather had been doing to her since the third grade.

Change Your Business Career with God

by Michael Dean Thomas 


Based on the parable of the sower, Change Your Business Career with God is a 40 day devotional to find a new direction from God.

God’s Power to Heal 

by Michael Vaughn


Michael presents a compelling message of how God is alive and active today through His church in healing and restoring the sick, the hurting, and the dying.

Dear GOD How Did I Get Here?

by Crystal Hicks


Don’t you want to do more than just live? I’m glad you do, let me help you on your journey. I have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and my testimony will indeed encourage you to overcome too.

What Is An Online Co-Working Community?

Traditionally, physical co-working spaces create a community of various people working on their individual projects.  Our online co-working community seeks to retain the collaborative spirit of physical co-working spaces while benefiting from connecting people around the world.



We also bring people together who are working on the same types of projects. Co-working groups form around shared goals, like writing books, creating online courses, providing consulting services, or any other goal shared by members.


We get together on calls each week, to help each other connect what God is saying to our work. By working together, we are able to overcome feelings of loneliness,  exchange skills and best practices, and get new products/ services to the people that really need them. 




But.... Don't Expect a Church Service!

A common misconception we have from new-joiners, is that our community will be like church.

Which is natural, if the only Christian community you know is at church.

– Church is something most Christians do on Sunday, Easter, Christmas etc. 

…Whereas our community helps you to integrate your faith in the day-to-day hours of your work week.

– Church is where you go to listen to a sermon. 

…Whereas our community is where you actively work with other Christians, building real relationships in the process.

 – Church tells you whether your beliefs are in line with the theology of your denomination. 

…Whereas our community will challenge you to test your theoretical, practical, and relational skills in the world.

– Churches are places you go to be fed.

…Whereas our community is there to help you to learn how to serve others in your kingdom calling.

– Traditional Churches are designed to encourage the masses.

… Whereas our community is focused on developing the few who are answering heaven’s call to step into their calling.

– Churches are often social clubs, with popularity contests. 

…Whereas our community enjoys the challenge of finishing projects. We get a kick out of ideation and execution.  

Life is so much better when we build together!

Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community

What Would You Like To Do Next?

I have found my Tribe . You guys are my family and I appreciate each and every gift. I feel safe and know that I can truly count on ya’ll for ANYTHING, this is rare in this time we live in. I believe in the Body of Christ again and am excited to live/work/pray/play alongside you. (Crystal, USA)

The group is like a workshop where you send your car for alignment, retuning etc. My life has been greatly impacted and shifted.  (John, Ghana)  



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