12. Pastor Barry Randolph Talks About How Church of the Messiah Detroit Empowers the Community

Pastor Barry Randolph makes the good news of Jesus Christ tangible. In 1998 he had a burning bush experience, which changed the course of his career out of business to become a preacher. Twenty-two years later, and His Church of the Messiah Detroit has its own employment office, medical office, workforce development center (for skilled trades), a business incubator, a tea and beverage business, a clothing line, a bike shop, a video production business, a leather company, its own wine business, a supermarket, is the local internet provider and has an urban farm. In addition, his Detroit’s Church of the Messiah has brought $48 million in investments into the local community and has rehabilitated 200 housing units. In 2019 he was recognized Michiganian of the year for bringing people out of poverty.

To contact Pastor Barry: https://churchofthemessiahdetroit.org/ https://www.facebook.com/churchmessiahdetroit/

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