Ps Sugi Davaraj Talks About Working With God in Your Marketplace

Ps Sugi Davaraj is the founder of Kingdom Sons of Glory Ministry and Kingdom Sons of Glory Church in Seremban, Malaysia. She is an educator by profession having taught students from Preschool right up to High School for the last 35 years. She continues to run a Kumon Centre, a after school programme in Seremban, teaching both Maths and English.

She is committed to seeing manifesting Sons rising up, whom all of creation has been groaning for – Rom 8:19. Her mandate is to the Nations to bring the Body of Christ to the original blueprint of Yahweh by mentoring hubs in different Nations. This is to see the Nations of this world become His Kingdom. Ps Sugi is married to Dr Davaraj and have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. To contact Sugi: SUGID98@GMAIL.COM +60126088850


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