We are excited that you are considering joining a co-working group!

 Which Type of Co-Working Group is Right for You?

Co-Working Group Type 1:

Skills- Building Group

In our skill-building groups, we help each other develop skills. Our current groups are:

– Tuesday 4pm EST – Keri Pickens Hamrick helps us to see and hear in heaven.

– Wednesday 3pm EST, we have a writing accountability group. Here we encourage each other to achieve writing goals, and review draft chapters of books.

– Saturday 11am EST, Keri Pickens Hamrick teaches on the courts of heaven and how to walk as kingdom sons and daughters.

– Saturday 3pm EST, Lisa R Gray teaches us how to cross thresholds.

Co-Working Group Type 2:

Build a Product
or Service Together

 In this type of co-working group, we build a product or service together.

For example, in one of our groups, we are co-authoring a book together.

In the future we hope to build websites, music and so much more together.

Let us know if you have ideas!

Co-Working Group Type 3:

Join Our Consulting Team

Creating a sustainable career is important for those who are wanting to work full-time in their God-given calling. 

For this type of co-working group, we only admit those who have a specific calling, qualifications, and advanced skills that clients are willing to pay for. 

For example, our consulting groups have people with significant commercial, counselling, and heavenly realms experience. 

We hope that by having this group, more people will be encouraged to connect what God is saying to their work.

Michael Dean Thomas is a Consultant at Discover Up International Co-Working Christian Community
Contact Michael Dean Thomas if you'd like to start a new co-working group.

If you’re interested, please contact:


– Keri Pickens Hamrick

– Lisa R Gray

– Michael Dean Thomas


Lisa R. Gray is a Consultant with Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Lisa R Gray teaches on how to cross thresholds.
Keri Pickens Hamrick is a Consultant with Discover Up International Christian Co-Working Community
Keri Pickens Hamrick teaches how to engage in the courts of heaven, and on identity.
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