We are excited that you are considering joining a co-working group!

 Which Type of Co-Working Group is Right for You?

Discover Up - Christian Co-Author Team
Discover Up Christian Book Writer's Accountability Group
Discover Up - Christian Course Developer's Co-Working Group
Discover Up Christian Consulting Co-Working Group

Co-Working Group 1:

Write a Book Together

– Objective: Write a series of fiction books about the 7 Spirits of God as a team.

– Who is it for: Anyone wanting to “dip their toe” into writing fiction, or someone who is looking to co-author a book.

-Timing: Thursday  1-2pm EST & Saturday 1:30pm – 2:30pm EST


Co-Working Group 2:

Write Your Own Story - Book Writer Accountability Group

 Objective: Help each other to write our own books, by providing input and holding people accountable to writing goals.

Who is it for: Writers  looking for accountability in meeting their writing goals, and looking for creative input into their work.

– Timing: Wednesday 3pm- 4pm EST

Co-Working Group 3:

Course Developer Accountability Group

– Objective: Help each other to develop online courses.

– Who is it for: Anyone starting, or actively involved in creating online courses.

– Timing: Monday 3pm-4pm EST

Co-Working Group 4:

Join Our Consulting Team

– Objective: An advanced group to support those looking to build a sustainable career in Christian consulting. Our consulting team consults on on a diverse range of issues, like inner healing, finding your destiny scroll, and Christian business consulting.

– Who is it for: Our consulting team has significant commercial, counselling, and heavenly realms experience. Consultants need to have a calling, qualifications, and advanced skills that clients are willing to pay for.

What to Expect

– Expect to be loved as a Believer, valued as a contributor, and your ideas taken seriously

– Expect to be part of a high-performing community, seeking to connect what God is saying to our day-to-day work

– In this community everyone is considered capable of hearing God for themselves

– Expect to be challenged directly and honestly, which will help refine product/ service ideas with a measure of grace

– Join a few calls if you aren’t sure whether you’d like to focus on writing a book, building an online course, consulting etc

– Building meaningful products and services do not happen by accident – it requires a good idea, dedication, and  consistency

-Please have computer or other device capable of Audio/Video conferencing and chat

-You’ll need consistent internet service to join the calls

-Understand there may be a 1 to 3 second lag between speakers when communicating online. We try not to interrupt or talk over one another.

-Practice professional Christian courtesies and protocol during meetings/video calls

Michael Dean Thomas is a Consultant at Discover Up International Co-Working Christian Community
Contact Michael Dean Thomas if you'd like to start a new co-working group.

If you’re interested in joining a co-working group, please schedule a 15 minute call:

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